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81  Contacts > Analytics by Sergei Shostak http://www.sakh.narod.ru
Personal review of various aspects of Sakhalin life.
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82  Cities and Regions > Kholmsk and nearby http://Maoko.newmail.ru
About where we live and how we live.
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83  Mass media > "Telemir" weekly http://telemir.astv.ru
Internet version of ASTV weekly issue.
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84   Education > Tests, certification, books http://www.uchenik.ru
Building of your own tests, your knowledge estimation, books and links in the net.
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85  Science > Sakhalin page http://island.hotmail.ru
Page about Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, photos.
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86  Cities and Regions > Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk http://yuzhno-sakh.ru/
Official site of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk administration.
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87  Contacts > Photogallery of Sakhalin chat "Ostrovok" http://gallery.sakh.com
Photos and information about Sakhalin chat members.
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88   Mass media > News agency "Ostrova" http://www.tia-ostrova.ru
Sakhalin latest news. Access to the news archive.
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89   Services > Advanced Research Center http://www.arcenter.ru
Search of partners in Russia and abroad. Marketing and consulting service. Economical estimation of projects.
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90  Personal homepages > Konan home page!!! http://www.konansakh.narod.ru
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91  Education > The British Council http://www.britishcouncil.ru/russian/regions/sakhalin/
Free information about life in Great Britain, latest publications and video in English.
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92  Entertainment > MALDER personal site http://sakhalinec.narod.ru/
MALDER personal site about Sakhalin, poetry, civil aviation, etc.
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93  Education > Sakhalin State College of Business and Informatics http://www.sgcbi.narod.ru
Official site of Sakhalin state College of Business and Informatics.
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94   Mass media > State TV and radio company "Sakhalin" http://www.gtrk.ru
Daily news of the Sakhalin region. TV announces.
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95  Cities and Regions > The inhabited island http://sakhalin.al.ru/
Topographic map of the island, origin of some objects' names.
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96  Art & Music > Singing Island http://www.sakhalin.ru/ksp
Site of the author's song on Sakhalin.
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97  Cities and Regions > High and low tides of Sakhalin bays http://long.sakh.com/tides/
Schedule of high and low tides of Sakhalin bays
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98   Education > Sakhalin Intellectual club "LOGOS" http://logos.sakh.com
Official site of Sakhalin Intellectual Club "LOGOS". News, games schedule, information about club and its history, its authors, etc.
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99   Cities and Regions > Department of architecture, town-planning and management of the real estate http://dagun.sakh.ru
All about municipal property in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Objects, buildings, equipment, land leasing. Sale, contests, auctions, normative documents, etc.
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100   Recreation and Sports > Sakhalin Snowboarding federation http://www.snowboard.katorga.ru
Site of Sakhalin snowboardists. News, people, ads, humour, etc.
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