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State and Politics
   Sites in category 44
1  United Russia party. Sakhalin Regional Office
Party United Russia. Sakhalin regional office.
In: 897 Out: 1191  
2   The Committee of economy of the Sakhalin region
The basic news and events - the actual information on economy of the Sakhalin area And activity of authorities.
In: 789 Out: 4754  
3  Inspection of the Russia Taxes Ministry № 5 on the Sakhalin
In: 670 Out: 1864  
4  Administration Of Roskomnadzora for the Sakhalin region
Official Internet- resource of the Federal Service for supervision in the sphere of connection and mass communications on the Sakhalin region
In: 617 Out: 932  
5   Fire Service of Sakhalin region
Official site of Fire Service.
In: 222 Out: 1006  
6   Website Administration of municipal formation "Kuril city district"
Website Administration of municipal formation "Kuril city district"
In: 159 Out: 96  
7  Sakhalin Region Social Protection Department
In: 119 Out: 2017  
8  Committee of International and Foreign Economic Relations, Administration of Sakhalin Region
In: 56 Out: 545  
9  Sergey A. Podolyan
In: 50 Out: 993  
10  The local branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Nevelsk city
In: 34 Out: 310  
11  Sakhalin Region Natural Resourses and Environmental Committee
Official site of Committee.
In: 25 Out: 1076  
12  My compass terrestrial
Site of Okha branch of the social movement "The All-Russia female union - Hope of Russia".
In: 19 Out: 234  
13  Federal official body the Sakhalin center of standardization, metrology and certification
In: 14 Out: 577  
14   Representation of a governorship of Hokkaido on Sakhalin
The representation of a governorship of Hokkaido on Sakhalin became a strong point in development of attitudes between Hokkaido and Far East regions of Russia.
In: 4 Out: 1119  
In: 1 Out: 584  
16   Sakhalin Region Administration
In: 0 Out: 14980  
17  Sakhalin regional Duma
Official site of a legislature of the government of the Sakhalin region.
In: 0 Out: 3669  
18  The selective commission of the Sakhalin region
News, selective committee, laws, elections, questions, a forum.
In: 0 Out: 2764  
19  Management of the Ministry under taxes and tax collections on the Sakhalin region
Management of the Ministry of the Russian Federation under taxes and tax collections on the Sakhalin region.
In: 0 Out: 2677  
20  Sakhalin and Kurile Islands. Administration.
The information on the population, territory and authority in the Sakhalin region.
In: 0 Out: 1746  
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